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Hello and Welcome to ELEGANT CREATIONS. If you are looking for a one of a kind, unique, high quality, good energy filled gift, shop here! At Elegant Creations you can find all my
Books, Journals, digital downloads, artwork, poetry, art-dolls, Crystal wands, altered bottles and other enlightenment elegant creations.

Everything I create carry’s a vibrational energy field of love, peace and abundance to whomever may purchase them.
If you can not find what you are looking for in store, feel free to ask me about it.

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Your information is safe and secure. We Checkout with Paypal. NO information or data is stored on this website. When you make a purchase you are redirected to to complete your purchase. Elegant Creation website is simply the host for the item you are purchasing. is where the transaction will occur… I use paypal to check out on my website so there is no transaction that takes place on my website, all transactions take place through and it is very secure to checkout on my website.  Or you can email me for a paypal invoice of the item you want to purchase.


The best way to get one of my journals is to watch my blog. I upload what I’m working on to my blog before it hits the store or my website most times. I try to show what I’m working on every week. If you see something you like you can email me for an invoice . I will add a new journal in progress in about a week. much love You can purchase my journals as soon as they are previewed in a video on my youtube channel. This means if I am doing a tutorial of a journal even before it is made, you can purchase the journal. You can check my Blog to see what I’m working on..You can also purchase directly from my store in stock. If you see a preview of my new journal coming out, you can purchase from the preview. Just email me for an invoice. If you would like a private viewing to decide before it hits store let me know.(That can happen a day before it hits store–)
 If you are interested  for sure in the previewed journal before it hits store you can email me and I will send an invoice. However if someone else hits me up for an invoice before your private viewing- I do sale on a first come first serve basic. To be fair, no worries but take all thoughts into consideration- Note: I am no longer taking custom order at this time. as I presently am working from a waiting list ..much love.

“Live in acceptance and love. Create life with unwavering faith and extraordinary effort. This requires taking responsibility and discipline. Deferring gratification and doing my best to be the change in the world that I want to see in the world. In order to grow we must evolve. So I am always evolving my life into being the greatest version of myself. with much love!”
I use paypal to check out on my website so there is no transaction that takes place on my website, all transactions take place through and it is very secure to checkout on my website. 

These creations usually have a destination in mind before hand. I truly perceive that when I am creating them, the energy is already being called upon by the one who will purchase them. I just make them, I never worry about where they will go, and everyone who has ever bought from me has told of the energy field they get from these wonderful creations. They also tell me that they feel an attachment to the piece. So yes this is quite auspicious and profoundly the way energy really works. Everything I create carries a vibrational frequency of love, peace & Prosperity. This energy is my gift to you. Thanks so much for all your support.