ALL MY Journals and How to Purchase Them

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The best way to get one of my journals is to watch my blogI upload what I’m working on to my blog before it hits the store or my website most times. I try to show what I’m working on every week. If you see something you like you can email me for an invoice . I will add a new journal in progress in about a week. much love You can purchase my journals as soon as they are previewed in a video on my youtube channel. This means if I am doing a tutorial of a journal even before it is made, you can purchase the journal. You can check my Blog to see what I’m working on..You can also purchase directly from my store in stock. If you see a preview of my new journal coming out, you can purchase from the preview. Just email me for an invoice. If you would like a private viewing to decide before it hits store let me know.(That can happen a day before it hits store–)

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