Make Your Deposit

Congratulations on your decision to have your very own keepsake portrait made! You are almost finished with the beginning process. Now all you need to do is make your deposit. Below is the price chart. find your portrait size and the number of people in your portrait and that is your full cost for your keepsake portrait. Once we receive your commitment deposit we will begin working on your portrait and guarantee to have it in your hand within 15 days or less. The Name of my paypal store is ‘ELEGANT TOOLS’, this will show at the top when you make YOUR DEPOSIT…Thank you for your order and we look forward to creating your special keepsake. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US.

Inches CM 1 person  2people 3people 4people 5people
Small-16×20 40×50 $129 $169 **** **** ****
Med-*20×24 50×60 $217 $257 $297 $327 $357
Large-24×36 60×90 $259 $300 $357 $400 $429
X-large-30×40 75×100 $317 $357 $389 $447 $477
Once you choose your size, I will need a deposit of commitment to start the project and the final payment before delivery.
When placing your order, you will be asked to pay 30% of the total price of your portrait.I would need your deposit of commitment to start the project. After reviewing and confirming your portrait, you will make the final payment and your portrait will be delivered to you. 

Make your deposit
Choose Your Deposit
small size $40.00 USD
Medium size $80.00 USD
Large size $160.00 USD
x-large size $200.00 USD

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