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Vintage Autumn N Paris Heirloom Journal


So Hi My Lovelies, this is what I am working on…The Vintage Autumn N Paris Heirloom Journal. This little beauty has 5 sewn in signatures.

It stands 9×6 inches with a 4 inch spine. And I had a great sense of DEJA VU with this one. I perceive that I created this one in a past life. lol..Now that might seem funny and strange but I perceive it, so…..yea ….lol…

The Vintage Autumn N Paris Heirloom Journal HAS MY SIGNATURE corset spine. I created some beautiful papers for this one. I also used some of my most beautiful paper collections to help fill this one out. So you get a bit of new and a bit of the past with this one.

Anyhoo this one will premeire in a bout 4 days. Send me an email for invoice if this one belongs to you! much love.

This book journal is filled with healing, LOVE AND ABUNDANCE energy. The healing energy rules this book. It gives the calming feeling of Chamomile tea  lol.

I created a new line of papers collection just for this journal and they are simply stunning. I love the way the papers came out with that old world look.

I am going to fill this little journal with healing energy and so much ephemera you won’t believe the beauty of it! lol

Thank you to the new owner of this little beauty. I now know exactly the direction this journal will take. I began by redesigning the cover a little bit. This book is truly an heirloom of healing and peace and love. It will premiere on my channel in about 4 days. much love.

I decided to use my ebony vintage papers in this heirloom journal. I will also create new papers as i feel needed. I am feeling so grateful and humbled while creating this one. The energy of it is truly amazing and powerful.

I added some India sari to this beautiful heirloom journal. These fabrics are stunning and really set this book off with the energy of wholeness, healing, love and perfect peace.

The energy of thee ancestors came in on this creation. I feel very humbled. I created some new papers for this heirloom journal. I will show it in a few days. much love

I purposely used a gold-leaf paper for the die cuts in this book, gives the feel of royalty and regal elegance to the page.

I searched out the most elegant lace trims I could find for this journal. Everything about this journal had to be exquisite and regal and I will explain why when I do the premiere in about a day or so. stay tuned you are going to love the energy that flows from this one. much love.


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6 thoughts on “Vintage Autumn N Paris Heirloom Journal

  1. Gorgeous as usual! Love the pastels. You are so great with colors!

    1. thank you Leonora! much love

  2. This is absolutely stunning Sharon. So beautiful…xx

    1. Hi Irene, thank you dearest. I am humbled. much love

  3. I am so happy to see our people doing something so creative. Your work deserves much more that my words.

    1. Thank you Senatra Jones, I am humbled by your words, much love

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