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The YOUniverse Yearbook Journal

Note this one is no longer available

This beautiful yearbook journal is made with file folders and lots of love, healing and abundance energy. This book is very spiritual on ever energy level. You can use this book for a gratitude journal, you can add photos, letters, cards, notes, recipes and anything to do with keepsake paper goods. This book measures 8×10 inches with a 4 inch bendable spine which helps the book to lay down flat on any page. There are many beautiful journaling pages in this book from every journal kit i have created this year. I put some of my personal artwork in this book as well.

Note- this one is no longer available)

This book is created from 2 large padded envelopes. It is cover with a beautiful fabric pattern of golds and sun colored orange. It is a soft cover and will lay down flat anywhere in the book. I filled this one with all the energy vibrations I have create during the year of 2019. You can make this yearbook your own personal yearbook of everything you love as well. I left a lot of room to grow in this one.

I left some blank pages that you can decorate just the way you want them to be. I added lots of envelopes, postcards and tags to this one. It is a beautiful keepsake book. It would be an awesome gift for someone special. Stay tuned to my youtube channel for the premiere of The YOUniverse Yearbook Journal. Then find it in my store showcase for purchase. If you would like to purchase this one before it hits the store please contact me for purchase info. thanks so much…much love.

Note- this one is no longer available)

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4 thoughts on “The YOUniverse Yearbook Journal

  1. Hi Elegance
    I’m Crabby ..I’m. Just blown away with this journal The YoUniverse book … it’s a pity that is no longer available. I’ve never brought anything from youtube before..But I am sure I’d have purchased this journal.. it speaks to me in so many ways seeing the images of lady’s of colour. I just love it. Please let me know when you intend to sell downloads of your papers I can’t wait. I’d like to make one as a gift to my dear friend for Christmas. .. she would fall in love with it as much as myself. Thank you Annie

    1. Hi Annie,I am working on putting the downloads on etsy. I will let you know when they are available. thank you for your kind words. Much love!

  2. Hi Lady
    My name is DeQuilla I be been watching you on YouTube and I love your journals you have made a journal for a young lady and I love that particular Journal I’m wondering if you can make me the same Journal along with other journals that I may want I didn’t see an email to get in touch with you but you can get in touch with me
    [email protected]
    Thank you

    1. Hi DeQuilla you can email me at [email protected] or use the contact form at the top of the page. I have a waiting list, will be happy to add you. let me know what is the name of the journal you would like designed for you. much love

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