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The Vintage Gratitude Yearbook Journal-Altered file folders-lapbook


This journal will premiere on my channel on New years Eve. and I will show and tell how it’s made.. I used a beautiful fancy black lace to trim this one out. While Lace, Butterflies, roses and pearls adorn the cover. There are many flips and fold outs in this little journal, lots of room to put all your keepsakes and such like.

Greetings my lovelies I am back with my new years eve Journal review! Yes this will be my new year’s eve presentation-first of 2020. This is a beautiful gratitude yearbook journal, created with file folders altered to fit and create pockets and tucks. The energy of this book is very high and powerful. As the new year comes in I send out gratitude for my life and yours. I wish you complete abundance and continued success on your life journey. I am so grateful. You can purchase this one here- in the store

The Vintage Gratitude Yearbook Journal-Altered file folders-lapbook

The Vintage Gratitude Yearbook Journal-Altered file folders-lapbook 9×6 inches with a 4 inch spine. This beautiful yearbook journal is made with file folders and lots of love, healing and abundance energy. This book is very spiritual on every energy level. You can use this book for a gratitude journal, you can add photos, letters, cards, notes, recipes and anything to do with keepsake paper goods. There are many beautiful journaling pages in this book from some of my favorite journal kits that I have created. And a new collection of my designer papers as well.. I put some of my personal artwork in this book as well.

My signature corset spine with crystal beads on the ribbons. Gold is the high vibration of yellow which represents happiness energy. It is cover with a beautiful fabric pattern of golds and sun colored orange. It is a soft cover and will lay down flat anywhere in the book. I filled this one with all the energy vibrations of gratitude for 2020, prosperity, success, and abundance.

I left a few blank pages that you can decorate just the way you want them to be. I added lots of envelopes, postcards and tags to this one. It is a beautiful keepsake book. It would be an awesome gift for someone special. Stay tuned to my youtube channel for the premiere of The Vintage Gratitude Yearbook Journal-Altered file folders-lapbook on New years eve- and a special treat with me and my family to share. It will be fabulous darling lol..check it out new years eve.

Then find it in my store showcase for purchase. If you would like to purchase this one before it hits the store please contact me for an invoice… thanks so much…much love.

The expandable spine allows the book to lay flat on any page. Easy to write in and easy to enjoy the beauty of this stunning journal.

This little journal is simply elegant and filled with beauty.

This journal is filled with hidden tuck spots and goodies, light weight and easy to use. A very regal heirloom of a book for sure.

The papers I created for this book are simply stunning. There are also some of my designer paper clips in this one!

There are 3 signature sections filled with altered file folders, flips, pockets, envelops, tucks and lots of tags and ephemera.

Every Page of this stunning journal is an adventure to behold!

If you would like to purchase this one before it hits the store please contact me for invoice.. thanks much love.


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4 thoughts on “The Vintage Gratitude Yearbook Journal-Altered file folders-lapbook

  1. Hello!
    I enjoy your YouTube channel so much I do hope you are able to keep it going with all this drama unfolding around the new rules and laws.
    I would love you to make more videos… you make me happy.

    1. Hi Cathy, thank you! I don’t know how the new youtube child laws will affect my youtube channel. However i will continue to upload my videos to my bitchute channel in 2020. you can find me on bitchute and subscribe to my videos there. here is the link.

  2. So excited to see the new book! It looks beautiful! I was actually writing in my Happiness journal and thought about you. I love my books so much! Much love!

    1. I am so happy that you are enjoying the journals Leonora, much love!

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