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The Marie Antoinette art doll journal-vol1

This one is no longer available

So if you’ve read my previous blog here then you are up to date on what I am creating right now. This little project will have at least 3 volumes- there may be more if I can find the time lol.

The Marie Antoinette art doll journal is a creation of my art dolls combined with a journal. This first one I am calling volume 1 has all the grace and elegance of a princess.

I wanted this project to be fairly simple, as making art dolls alone can take quite a bit of time and work. So to create one with a journal was indeed a challenge.

However I have worked out the mechanics of this project so I feel confident that this little art-doll journal will become a great heirloom and keepsake for many years to come.

Marie Volume one is a paper mache art doll, created with paper hair- The pouf or pouffe also “toque” (literally a thick cushion) is a hairstyle and a hairstyling support deriving from 18th century France. It was made popular by the Queen of FranceMarie Antoinette (1755–1793), when she wore it in June 1775 at the coronation of her husband Louis XVI, triggering a wave of young French women to wear their hair in the same manner.[

Her dress is made of my digital song collection papers, lace, pearl, butterflies and bling. There are buttons butterflies and pearls in here hair , with a spray of pink & white roses. The journal itself is a collection of my papers including the song collection in bits and pieces. The doll base is a full box and the journal fits seamlessly into the side of the dress. Absolutely beautiful.

This is a Rose quartz doll, she is adorned with rose quartz crystal beads, designed to help one with feelings of self love, and universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Her energy field of vibration is love, happiness and abundance. Her dominate colors are rose and cream and red undertones. She has cute little cream lace gloves on her hands. Her persona is demure, yet with a strong presence, just looking at her brings the feeling of peace and love. Butterflies represent new beginnings and the tear drop pearls are like rain washing away the past. She is a regal pleasure to view indeed. Very spiritual, very healing, very loving energy flows from this one. . All the trimmings of an elegant and graceful being.

A beautiful creation over all I am very pleased with the way this one has turned out. I am working on filling the journal with pockets and tuck spots. And once I am done with that I will display this little beauty on my youtube channel. And she will be available for purchase in my web store at 111.11 and on etsy at 133.33.

Marie volume 1 stands at 11 and a half inches tall, the base is 6 and a half inches wide. She is very light weight and easy to open. The journal inside is 5 and a half by 3 and a half with a 1 inch spine. There are 4 signatures sewn into this cute little journal. And I will add many tags, envelopes and such like. This is a sneak peak of the first draft of this beautiful creation. If this one is yours you can email me for an invoice or pick her up when she hits the store sometime this week. Thanks for reading my blog, much love!

This one is no longer available

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