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Vintage Tea and Roses Junk Journal

Note this one is no longer available


OMG!!! I love the way this journal has turned out. It is so beautiful…so romantic vintage….so tea party…OMG I love it! The lady on the cover is vintage sensual and regal… She is divine love energy and complete peace energy at the same time. And can you believe that beautiful fancy English lace! Wow….I’m excited…can you tell…lol…I trimmed it out with a beautiful goldish brown fabric that has an awesome shine. Makes the framing look so elegant. The energy of this one came forth with an amazing muse….I know the owner will find her soon. awesome!

This little junk journal is created using a composition book. It measures 9 and a half by 6 inches with a 3 and a half inch spine. There are 3 signatures filled with my designer papers, coffee dyed papers and notebook paper from the original composition book.

Note this one is no longer available

The cover is decorated with flowers, fancy lace and a beautiful brad blingie. The spine is covered with designer papers and a beautiful corset laced ribbon.

It is a work in progress. The pages will be full of pockets, tags and tuck spots. You can find this one in my store as soon as it premieres in about a week. If you would like to purchase this one before it hits store please contact me for an invoice.

The spine is created in a way to allow the book to lay down flat on any page.

The Energy of this book is divine love and complete Peace. It reminds me of comfort and gives off the feeling of warmth and pleasure.

The back is simply elegant with this paisley designer paper i created just for this one. I wanted that gold tone off set with the spine in a corset style ribbon. I love it! It’s so regal.

I’m going to put lots of envelopes and pockets in this one. Like a secret letter box journal.

I love butterflies they represent beauty and expansion to me. I always use them…They to me are the most beautiful little creatures on this planet. I love this fold out page. It has tuck spots. I will make tags for those pockets at some point.

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5 thoughts on “Vintage Tea and Roses Junk Journal

  1. Hi could I buy this please…

    1. I have sent the invoice love, thank you!

      1. Thankyou Sharon…I paid it earlier today…I hope you got it.. Thankyou so much…I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to get it in time so happy!!

        1. Yes it’s yours love, I will ship in about 4 days or less. and a special surprise as well. Much love sis

          1. Thankyou sweety…ur too kind!!

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