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The Bella Book Of Shadows Journal

Note- This one is no longer available. You can see it in a video click here-

Okay, I don’t know who called this one up from the universe- but it is freakin gorgeous! lol. The beautiful lady on the cover is very regal and gives the feeling of a wise sage. I added fabric and lace throughout the cover to give it the feeling of old world vintage elegance.

There are hanging coins of abundance, and a cute little workable journal book hanging on this cover. The closure is a beautiful yellow jewel backed on elegant gold laced metal. Flowers, Buttons, beads and chained heart locket trinkets adorn the cover as well, making it a regal beauty to behold..

OMG the energy of this book is strong and amazing. The Bella Book Of Shadows Journal- This is the cover which is powerful within itself. Filled with healing and love and abundance energy…this book has been called into existence by many. It measures 10×5 with a 2 inch spine-2 signatures.. I just started on it…So more pics will appear as I create the pages. The energy is fire. It’s my October creation you have been waiting for and asking about. Halloween(My Son’s Birthday!) is in the air. much love!

Everything about this books radiates love, healing and abundance. You can hit me up for an invoice with a 10 day reserve on this one if you like.

I added a small book to the cover, it just seems to need to be there lol… The back and the inside is covered with this beautiful fabric i purchased from India I love it!. The pages and papers I made are from the Gothic design. I love these papers they are so warm and mysterious.

This fabric is soft and beautiful, and it sets off the fancy black lace perfectly! This book is simply exquisite indeed. And checkout that beautiful black tassel just adorable.

The closure hardware on the back is a beautiful red and glitter brad anchored with a black hanger that ties with a black and gold expandable ribbon.

The black and white beaded trim on the cover is simply divine and mesmerizing.

The inside pages will be lined with black lace and trim in the end but this is how they began. Stay tuned for more updates on this one. It will hit my store in about a week, unless the owner invoices me before the premiere is scheduled. much love.

There’ll be lots of pockets and tuck spots in this one. I coffee dyed papers and created some papers. I also used my Gothic rose paper designs in this one. Lots of beautiful one of a kind, designer papers! yes!

I love the rose embroidered pocket in the front, so elegant and divine!

Every good book needs a little focal page. I love making dresses on hangers and making them a focal page.

The coffee dyed papers in this one are very interesting and unique. I added a bit of gold paint to the coffee and it show through in the paper with a hit of gold shimmer throughout.

In the end I realized this book is not about halloween at all, this book represents ancestral love and healing coming forth into this dimension. The love energy I received while making this book was overwhelming. I never know how these books will turn out or who they belong to, I just make them and i am in total awe when they are created. And this one made me tears of joy from every page as it came forth. Much love to the owner.n This is a very powerful book indeed! Note- This one is no longer available

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4 thoughts on “The Bella Book Of Shadows Journal

  1. Sharon!! Omg!!! Gorgeous!!! This looks stunning….is it available?

  2. Hi Irene I have had 3 inquires but no email for an invoice…You can email me for an invoice with a 10 day reserve on this one if you like. please note that I sent this same answer to the other inquires as well love. just trying to be as fair as possible. lol.. anyhoo much love sis

  3. Wow its sold! That’s all good…I don’t want to be a journal hog…I’ll let u spread the love to some other lucky ladies lol!

    1. Hi Lovely Irene! Dearest you are NOT a journal hog lol…Remember your first journal from me? I think there were about 4 people trying to get that one, but that energy field was yours and the tea and roses has your personal energy field all over it. Dearest Irene what is for you is yours alone and no one can take that away. I am sure there will be more energy fields in future that belong to only you my lovely. You are so beautiful and talented and blessed and i am honored to create for you. I am humbled to tap into your beautiful energy field and be of service and hope those books inspire you to know that you are awesome, loved and appreciated. Thank you for being a beloved sis. much love sis.

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