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The Bella of Black
altered file folder corset with matching Journal 1

As the year 2019 draws to an end I decided it was time for me to give back to all of my sweet and precious subscribers who support my channel. Without your love, understanding and continued inspiration, I could not do what I do. You are so very appreciated, more than you know. Therefore I am presently in full gratitude energy field.

I am so grateful to be able to share the art that I AM with you. I am so grateful that you allow me to be me with much love. I am humbled, honored and very very grateful. Moreover, I have decided to do my altered file folder corset in a series with a journal to match each corset. It’s kind of like the 12 days of Christmas creating but not so- much- THERE WILL BE 9 lol..So for the next FEW weeks, I will post a new corset with a matching journal as often as I can make them.

I created some special gratitude papers collection to use in these little journals. These papers will not be released for download. Only in these journals. And I am using my favorite trims and embellishments for the corsets. They are simply adorable and useful. much love

This is my end of the year give away 2019.

Here are the requirements to win.

1.You must be subscribed to my youtube channel

2. you must post at least 1 comment on any one of my videos

3.Watch all the corset videos on my youtube channel numbered 1-9— Watch them all. Find the SECRET WORDS in the videos. Put all the words together to create my secret message to you.

4. EMAIL ME the secret message -and let me know which corset and matching journal you would like to win. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE THE SECRET MESSAGE ON THIS POST- Or in the VIDEOS. it will be deleted and you will Disqualify yourself from winning this little game. ONLY EMAIL MESSAGES WILL BE EXCEPTED. USE THE SUBJECT LINE SO I RECOGNIZE YOUR EMAIL RIGHT AWAY.



If you have any questions about this little give away game I will be happy to answer them here. much love and Happy game play!

The Vintage flowers
altered file folder corset with matching Journal 2
The Royal Purple
altered file folder corset with matching Journal 3
The Black and White Theme
altered file folder corset with matching Journal 4
In Honor of India
altered file folder corset with matching Journal 5
The Fleur-de-lis Sculpture Corset
altered file folder corset with matching journal 6
The Alice in Wonderland Corset
altered file folder corset with matching journal 7

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19 thoughts on “END OF THE YEAR GIVE AWAY 2019

  1. Sounds like fun!!!!

    1. Yes sweet Irene! Hello! I love to play games. lol

    2. I am excited. I love your work!!!!

      1. Thank you Carol, much love!

      2. I will love to have all the journals that you created all the carousels that you had created with the journals and how much everything will cost thank you you can email me at dequilla 11@gmail. or call me at 704- 891-4961
        I really love your work so I want everything I mean everything you have created just tell me the price thank you

        1. Hi DeQuilla, I am humbled and honored that you would like to have all my past works. However, I am not at present able to recreate them. I am working on new projects and will take a break until the first of the year. Then i will post new works. The best way to purchase my journals and such is to watch the blog for new listings. I will also be happy to send you a message when something new is coming out. Thanks so much and much love.

  2. Love your work?
    Couple of questions, when does the contest close to entries and I watched the 2nd video twice and did not see the word? I tried not to blink!

    1. Hi Susan, I will post all 9 videos, and then I will close entry through this blog post. oh what a dilemma lol…question is….are there secret words in EVERY video lol…Have fun with it, I’m sure you will figure it out by the 9th video. Enjoy this wonderful journey of fun dearest. I know I will lol… Thank you so much for partaking in this fun energy.much love

      1. Hi. Thanks for responding. It was video 1. I am sorry about that. I watched 3 first. Just finished 1. The music had me seeing saloon girls wearing that corset!
        That journal though, Devine!
        Thanks for inspiring and sharing!

  3. This is so fun! Thanks so much for doing this!

    1. Much love Leonora

  4. Hi dearest Sharon, love, love, love all your creations. Love these corset file folders so much. You are so creative and talented. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous work with us and thanks for the time to share the great tutorials.
    Big hugs and smiles
    Beate from Germany

    1. much love Beate

  5. Looking forward to watching you create all 9 of these beauties. I love games and I’m uber competitve LOL. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. Creative Blessings!

    1. much love Kelly

  6. Hi Sharon,
    another enchanting corset creation. I admire your work shaping things. My respect.
    Big hugs and smiles

    1. Hi Beate, always a pleasure, thank you and enjoy the game! much love and respect sis

  7. Hi dear Sharon,
    what a wonderful idea to create a Alice in Wonderland theme corset. I am thrilled. I love Alice so much. Your ideas are incredible. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice week.
    Big hugs and blessings

    1. Glad you like the Alice corset Beate. Thank you for your support and inspirational words. So kind of you. Always a pleasure to see you dearest, much love

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