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The Bohemian Eye Candy Journal volume 3


The Bohemian Eye Candy Journal volume 3 has 3 signatures sewn in

. It is 8×5 and a half inches with a 3 inch corset spine.

Fabric cover with bling and beauty. This book is happiness on every page.

It is a work in progress, there will be lots of pockets and tuck spots in this one. And plenty of room to journal and write.

You can send me an email for invoice on this one or pick it up in the store in a few days. much love.

This little beauty will premiere in a few days so stay tuned.

Beautiful pocket pages and pull outs in this one!



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The Modori style Alice N Wonderland lapbook Journal


Here’s what I am working on- my latest creation-The Modori style Alice N Wonderland lapbook Journal

Okay you guys so this is what I am working on right now. My idea of a Alice n Wonderland Journal. I decided to do the lapbook style because I wanted to do a lot of pockets and hidden spots in this one. It is a fun little journal and you won’t believe how much I am going to pack into this little book.

I am totally loving the way the cover has turned out. I wanted it to be a collage of pictures bling and fabric. I trimmed this whole book out with gold metallic paint.

And get this….this entire book is made out of file folders. I am so excited by it! lol

It’s an interactive journal great for traveling or would make an awesome gift. And you know The goddess of Journals is going to make it absolutely elegant and fabulous darling! lol…

I wanted this book to be very fancy, elegant and interactive. I also want it to be easy to use, so I am working that out as i go along. I am using the stamperia Alice papers and the graphic 45 Alice n wonderland papers in this one. And of course i am creating so journaling pages to go with this beautiful little book. I hope to present this one as a premiere for the end of October, hopefully by my son’s birthday Halloween! So stay tuned for more pics as I work on it. If you are interested in this one before it hits store you can hit me up for an invoice. much love.

The back is covered with this awesome fabric and trim. I added some lace to give that pop of elegance. I love the whimsical feel of this beautiful little book.



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The Altered File Folder Corset

Lets alter some file folders and making them into corset loaded envelopes. The Altered File Folder Corset will be so cute and useful for when you send snail mail and happy mail. They are great for sharing birthday cards and small gifts and goodie bags. Make this altered file folder and share it with someone you adore. Here you can download the free template for this altered file folder. Watch my video for the how to show and tell on this one. On my youtube at Elegant Creation Channel.

Download the files or copy the images from here.

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How to succeed at your craft

Today I share some inspiration …

Jason C. Mayden was rejected by Nike three times before joining the company as a design intern. He climbed the ranks to design executive, working on everything from footwear to wearable, and with athletes such as Michael Jordan and Russell Westbrook. Mayden approaches design like a sport: relentlessly honing his craft, staying focused and cultivating new skills. “Discipline is what makes the difference between someone who succeeds and someone who doesn’t,” said Mayden, who’s now the co-founder and CEO of Super Heroic, which creates sneakers and apparel for children.

Former Nike Designer Jason Mayden saying…. 1. There is a difference between a response and a reaction. A reaction is very emotionally driven, it’s not calculated, it’s not thoughtful- a response is strategic, it’s intentional, and it’s meant to have a person understand your true disposition or reaction to whatever moment that you are in
2. Suffering is your way to overcome obstacles. you can’t have a testimony without a test.
3.I would rather try and fail than fail to try.
4.I don’t let someone else place their limits on me, I believe I’m Limitless.
5. People who master their craft never feel settled, they don’t believe that they have mastered their craft.
6. Excellence comes from consistence. It’s the small things over time. And it’s never the smartest, it’s the people who runs the hardest and the person who doesn’t quit that wins.
7.I look at my life as addition, I look at myself and say what can I do today to add to my abilities and skill set. What can I do today to serve someone else.
8. When you keep a mindset of service your problems and that darkness become smaller, because you’re not focused on self.
9. If everyone around me are fed and fulfilled, then I don’t have to worry about people becoming vileness and trying to take from me. So the way I feed is through time, joyfulness and good energy. Acknowledge other peoples existence.
10. Take inventory of your weaknesses-Be very honest with yourself. Figure out the ways people can tell you No, then take that No off the table, so the last thing they can tell me is a yes.
11. Learn from people who know what you don’t know, then add your skills to that layer.
12.Look at life like chess…think 5 steps out and look at what you’re not good at and improve on that focus. Turn your weakness into your strength
13. Your greatest enemy is your inner ME.

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